Absorption Chillers

Due to global warming the temperature of atmosphere is increasing day by day. Global warming is happening due to the excess use of natural resources and waste material of fossil fuel. In Other hand the air condition equipments of buildings are playing the major role of causing ozone reduction and greenhouse effect, it is because of the huge emission of harmful gases from the cooling equipments. Due to the day by day crises of energy, we should now go for the alternate energy solutions and solar cooling options.

Absorption Chillers can take the place of traditional cooling systems. These cooling systems consume lesser energy as compare to other. The installations of Absorption chillers are very cheap. One of the most important quality of these chillers is, these are Eco friendly. Absorption chillers can be classified into two types; single absorption chiller and double absorption chiller. Double absorption chillers are little costly for installation and running, whereas the single absorption chillers are comparatively cheaper to install and run.

We have different variety of cooling equipment. Their main focus is on Absorption Chillers and Water Chillers to continuously improve the quality. They are providing the warranty of up to five years on its cooling equipment and also allowing the inspection visit to their customer, so that they can check the quality testing of their products. They have a professional service staff that pay individual attention on each and every query of customer. Come and join hand with this day by day growing heating and cooling products provider industry.


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